5 Steps to Become a Vegetarian

As you are well aware, it is not always easy to switch from one habit to another. It goes the same with someone who decides to stop eating meat and become a vegetarian. By the end of this article, you will learn  some tips that you can apply to make your transition smoother and successful.

Have the real motivation

Like in any endeavor in life, if you need to be successful, it is crucial to have valid reasons. Knowing why you need something and how it is going to change your life once you reach your goal will keep you on track.

The same principle applies if you are aiming to become a vegetarian. If you have a valid reason why you want to kiss goodbye to meat and you are deeply convinced about it; let me tell you that you are in the right frame of mind to take the necessary steps to become a vegetarian.

But if it is because people close to you are becoming vegetarian and you want to do the same without being personally convinced, even though it is not impossible still, it could be hard for you to keep going in the long run. Vegetarianism is a mode of life that needs to be enjoyable, like a pleasant journey. No matter the reason for your desired change, either for religious, ethical, or environmental protection reasons, you should do well to ask yourself sincerely the following questions and be honest about the answers.

  1. Why do I need to become a vegetarian?
  2. I am convinced about it or it’s just a kick?
  3. Am I willing to give up eating meats?
  4. what are potential benefits of doing so?

Do research

Knowledge-based decision empowers you to stick to your resolve. Get a good understanding of the lifestyle you are thinking to embrace will make things much more manageable. There are many sources of information regarding vegetarianism that you can utilize. You can find books online, in libraries, or even borrow from a friend. YouTube videos are full of knowledge taken from people worldwide and tips that can be useful while you are considering taking steps to become a vegetarian. I can now listen to your mind thinking, what type of information do I need?

Well, you need to understand that stop eating meat can deprive you of certain essential nutrients such as vitamin B6, vitamin B12, proteins, zinc, iron, selenium, and phosphorus. Here comes the necessity of researching because there is plenty of plant-based food that can provide these nutrients.

What else can constitute the element of your research? It is vital to learn how to put them together to create a delicious meal. Learning some vegetarian recipes will allow you to diversify your meals and discover a variety of tastes. Social media is an excellent place to go for recipes; you can integrate vegetarian groups, for example, post questions and get appropriate feedback.

Take small steps

Naeem Callaway said that sometimes the minor step in the right direction ends up being the most significant step of your life. It can be true when transiting to a vegetarian lifestyle. You can start by having one meat-free meal a week and build up from there until you can go a whole week without eating meat.

Some people start by reducing the amount of meat consummation per day while others prefer to stop first eating red meats, then white meat, and so on. Incremental progress is often advised because it helps your organism to adapt to the change smoothly.

Few things you need to know

You should know that vegetarian meals, in general, contain less protein than meat and dairy products. To maintain a healthy diet, one needs to eat enough amount of protein per day.

Why does it matter? You may be surprised to know that protein is a vital nutrient that contributes to muscle tissue building. A human body count around 15% of protein. This help on the manufacturing of enzymes, neurotransmitters, and different type of hormones including internal organs. Having beans, vegetables, grains, nuts, and soy in your dish will give you the necessary amount of protein required.

Most people commit the mistake of taking the liberty of eating junk as long as they are meat-free. I will advise you to stick to healthy food if possible. You will do well also to let people around you know about your new diet. It will make things easier for both of you and prevent being tempted with no vegetarian dishes.

learn to make vegetarian version of meals you like

Use meat substitutes like soy crumbles or vegetable sausage in family favorites. A rapid shift might be disturbing to your body and difficult to adjust to. You can make your transition easier by learning to prepare vegetarian versions of the meat-based foods you were accustomed to

Enjoy your new life

Vegetarians are ordinary people like others. Even though some may find it odd or excessive, no one can stop you from following your course successfully if you are convinced about it yourself. It is good to know that you can find a vegetarian substitute for many meat dishes you like. Nowadays, most supermarkets have a plant base food section where you can get some frozen microwaved food. Restaurant around the world offers excellent vegetarian meals.

If you love cooking like me, I will advise you to learn how to cook at least one vegetarian dish a week. You can find online tutorials or books from the library. No matter which way you have decided to go, having a good menu will make your journey more pleasant.